Sri Bhaini Sahib

Official website of central religious place for Namdhari Sect

News updates

  • Medical Update

    Date: 06 May 2010

    His Holiness Sri Satguru ji was  having fever for last few days and got admitted to SPS apollo hospital  on 23rd April 2010. Doctors did all the relevant tests and administered  antibiotics. His Holiness responded well to the treatment but during the  stay in hospital, Satguru Ji had dislocation of hip joint due to  osteoporosis. Doctors had to apply skin traction to treat the joint, Sri  Satguru Ji has responded to the treatment and may return to Sri Bhaini  Sahib next week.

  • Photographs of Chandi Di Vaar Yag

    Date: 27 Mar 2010

    Digital copies can be requsted by sending email to You can click here to view catalogue of images.